We are an organizational development,
advisory and coaching group helping
businesses and individuals reach their goals.

About Us

Based on the belief that culture and strategy defines business performance and intentional living in the foundation of satisfaction, Principal Consultant Jim Owens leads a team of associate experts in public accounting, education, business evaluation and municipal government committed to building long-term relationships with their clients. Jim and Performance Strategies Group use a variety of validated tools and processes to ensure clients receive a measurable return on their investments.

Our Process


Benchmarking—During this phase, we work with clients to establish key performance indicators, ensuring they get a measurable return on their investment. Those benchmarks can include such measures as interdepartmental referrals, producer production, client and donor retention, contact-to-close times, sales activity and a variety of others. During this phase, we will also evaluate your organization's policies and procedures. Once that is complete, we will move into the solution phase.


Solution Implementation—In this phase, we will work to develop any policy and procedure changes we think might be appropriate, as well as deliver training which might be needed. Our training solutions can include our Negotiating & Solution Selling, SmartChange Strategies and SmartTeam workshops. Once we've helped implement solutions, we will move into what we believe is the most critical portion of our work: sustaining the solution.


Sustaining the Solution—Over an agreed upon period of time, (normally12-24 months), we remain engaged to ensure your organization is getting measurable financial results from the solutions we've helped implement. We will meet with organizational leadership and their teams in both formal and informal settings to review and update benchmarked performance key performance measures, offer training refreshers, coaching and reinforce the importance of the solutions we've helped implement.

James I. Owens, Jr.

For more than thirty years, author, speaker and principal consultant Jim Owens has held leadership positions in national, international and community banks. He has built and led teams through mergers, sales, acquisitions and process improvements. As a former banker, Jim has a keen grasp of how a culture is built on trust, understanding, strategic planning and diligent execution of those plans can reduce turnover, improve top line revenue and lower operating costs. With the help of his team of associate consultants, when appropriate, he’s able to complement his own expertise with their assistance. Jim is the author of 40 Lessons in Leadership and the forthcoming Negotiation and Solution Selling for Bankers.